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Session The First

The Jek-Tar have killed all of Jaa Tony’s family and many of his friends in retaliation for starting a resistance the Jek-Tar have not seen since they rose to power. He knows they are closing in on him since the Jek-Tar want nothing more than to end Jaa Tony and his resistance. Jaa Tony decides he has to leave his homeland of Vacmeir. It is his only option to get the Jek-Tar off his back because he knows it is the only chance his remaining two children would have. He gathers all the supplies he can knowing people have sailed out 2 months and made it back alive. Before he can leave he leaves his kids with a trusted friend to try and keep them hidden.

After sailing for 4 months Jaa Tony finally gets hit by what he’s been expecting since he lost sight of Vacmeir months ago. Jaa Tony‘s boat is toss and turned and torn asunder by horrendous storm. After the storm clears he finds himself alive clinging to debris from his ship. Far in the distance he can see mountains but he knows it’s to late now he is to far from this unknown land and believes he is not going to make it. Around him he looks around for any sign of the Jek-Tar who had been chasing him. There is none he sees nothing but debris before he loses consciousness.

Jaa Tony comes to laying on a beach when some drift wood smacks into his feet. Unsure of how he made it to the land he was still so far from alive Jaa Tony searches the debris for anything useful. Jaa Tony finds his ball weighted mesh net and it’s accompanying launcher much like a crossbow but only for shooting the net. Deciding he needed to dry off he sets his cloths out to dry on the beach. After he gets his shirt back on over his head he sees a dog but not knowing what a dog is he reaches his hand for his belt where is net is worn around his waist. With a happy look the dog approaches so Jaa Tony apprehensively holds out his hand and the dog happily licks it. After a few minutes the dog looks down the beach and Jaa Tony turns to look and sees a 3 people off in the distance.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the Kingdom of Mir on the continent of Pannotia there lives a Sous-Chef for the Noble Family of Scarlet.


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